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I have dedicated my adult life to learning about children and the fascinating ways in which they see the world. I have been extremely lucky to have looked after a range of children in my decade of nannying and primary school teaching. 

Over my years in the industry, I have seen the dramatic impact of sleep deprivation both on children and their parents. The benefits of sleep are profound on both physical and mental health and I was determined to adopt the skills to change the lives of families struggling with their child's sleep.

My teaching degree equipped me with extensive knowledge on the social and cognitive development of a child and many years of in-home care allowed me to apply these concepts to help children thrive. My lack of knowledge on sleep led me to research pediatric sleep so I could better support children and their families. I completed an international evidence-based registered sleep training course and I am now thoroughly enjoying imparting my knowledge onto parents and carers around the world. 

Troubleshooting sleep has become my passion and I love the beautiful range of families I encounter along the way. I offer no judgement as I get to know your family needs and discuss your expectations, to see how we can get as close to them as biologically possible. 

Every child is unique and I spend a lot of time and effort tailoring plans to individual temperaments, personalities and developmental stages. Having my own baby has helped me better understand the dynamics of motherhood and I put my heart and soul into my assistance, knowing how fragile you may feel. I am a strong believer in educating parents so they can take the information, combine it with their motherly instincts and implement changes that align with their parenting style. 

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